Conversion Tables

Rope Conversion Tables

SI Base Units
Quantity Name Symbol
Length metre m
Mass kilogram kg


SI Derived Units
Quantity Name Symbol SI Base Units
Force newton N


Pressure pascal Pa kg.m-1.s-2


Imperial to Metric
Inches (in) Millimetres (mm) 25.40
Yards (yd) Metres (m) 0.91
Pounds (lb) Grams (g) 453.60
Pounds (lb) Kilograms (kg) 0.45
lb/yd kg/m 0.49
oz/yd g/m 31.00
yd/Ib m/kg 2.01
turns/inch turns/metre 0.025


Metric to Imperial
Millimetres (mm) Inches (in) 0.039
Metres (m) Yards (yd) 1.090
Grams (g) Pounds (lb) 0.0022
Kilograms (kg) Pounds (lb) 2.20
kg/m lb/yd 2.01
g/m oz/yd 0.032
m/kg yd/Ib 0.49
turns/metre turns/inch 39.40