Sam came to visit Southern Ropes in Park Gate, Southampton last month to discuss what ropes he would like to use on the Figaro this year. He was very enthusiastic to learn more about all the ropes the company makes.

‘It’s really exciting for me to get a partner for the running rigging on my Figaro. It is something we obviously use all the time and to be able to have the luxury to learn more about the options and work with Southern Ropes to fine tune the perfect package for the season is a fantastic opportunity.”

© Emily Harris Photography

Here at Southern Ropes we are looking forward to working closely with Sam and getting his feedback on our ropes. The yachting sector at Southern Ropes is growing everyday and it is important to receive feedback in order for Southern Ropes to improve and expand. We wish Sam the best of luck in his race preparations and look forward to following his progress in the Solitaire this June.