We have delivered our first Tug Rope to the Nordic Tug market. The brand new Tug arrived on Monday to Helsingborg harbour and this evening it goes into production working in the area of Öresund (world’s most trafficked sound)!

Southern Ropes supplied a 52mm Super Tug Line that was delivered on Monday afternoon ready to be used on the new Tug. The Line had a 48mm HMPE core with a Nylon cover with a breakload of 181 Tons with soft protected eyes in each end.

Customers Comment: ‘You have all done a great work getting the delivery on time! Thank you once again!’

One of the biggest lines that Southern Ropes specializes in is their Tug, Towing, Winch & Mooring Lines. High performance towing at sea, lifting or winching lines with extremely high strength to weight ratio this has become a popular option. These are manufactured to both custom and standard specifications. HMPE/ Dyneema® Fibre rope is a wire replacement rope, with less friction and drag in the water. HMPE / Dyneema® Fibre tow lines or mooring lines are easier to handle and can be made in long lengths with no joins. The rope is polyurethane coated which reduces snagging and prolongs the longevity of the rope. The outer surface of these ropes is soft and the ropes will not damage the tug boat or the vessel it is being used on. These ropes are easy to deploy as they are light and easy to handle. This then speeds up the operation saving time and money.