Southern Ropes is now in the Nordic Tug Market

We have delivered our first Tug Rope to the Nordic Tug market. The brand new Tug arrived on Monday to Helsingborg harbour and this evening it goes into production working in the area of Öresund (world’s most trafficked sound)!

Southern Ropes sponsors Sam Goodchild

Southern Ropes sponsors....

Looking back at 2013 Sailing Season

Looking back at 2013 and some new from a couple of boats that use Southern Ropes....

New GP Range Launched

Southern Ropes has launched their new GP Range.

The GP Range is made using the latest thermofixation process machinery. The process incorporates a colour treatment and stretching under controlled temperatures with a precise continuous applied load to orientate the molecular chain structure of the HMWPE fibres in the ideal load direction of the rope.