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  1. Super-12 Strop

    Super-12® strop with abrasion resistant cover

    Super-12® Recovery Strop
  2. GP-90

    12 strand, single braid, coated and heat treated rope made with DYNEEMA® fibre.

  3. Super-12

    Heat-treated 12-strand single braid UHMwPE rope with abrasion resistant coating

  4. GP-12

    Heat-treated 12 strand single braid DK-100 (UHMwPE); rope with polyurethane coating

  5. GP-T Braid

    GP 12 covered with a Technora®/HT Polyester blend

    GP-T Braid
  6. GP Braid

    GP 12 covered with a high tenacity polyester braid

    GP Braid
  7. Superbraid

    Super-12® with a high tenacity polyester cover

  8. Super Speed

    12 strand UHMwPE covered with a loose polyester sheath construction to give a softer hand

    Super Speed
  9. Nomex Yacht Braid

    GP-12 or Super-12® core with a Nomex®/HT polyester blended cover

    Nomex Yacht Braid
  10. Superline

    Super-12® with custom cover

  11. Superlock

    Super 12 covered with high tenacity polyester

  12. Super Lite

    High tenacity polyester/UHMwPE blend covered with an abrasion resistant polyester jacket

    Super Lite
  13. UHMwPE Kite Line

    UHMwPE single braid

    UHMwPE Kite Line
  14. Chafe Covers

    Protective covers for yacht braids

    Chafe Covers
  15. Super-8

    Heat treated 8 strand single braid UHMwPE rope with polyurethane coating


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