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  1. Super Lite

    High tenacity polyester/UHMwPE blend covered with an abrasion resistant polyester jacket

    Super Lite
  2. Super-12

    Heat-treated 12-strand Stealth Fibre single braid with abrasion resistant coating

    Single Strand Construction (1 – 9 mm)
  3. Sheet Line

    This rope is perfect for a Laser mainsheet.

    Sheet Line
  4. Sheet Line Light

    Multifilament and spun polyester with a UHMwPE and multifilament core

    Sheet Line Light
  5. Veclock

    Vectran® covered with high tenacity polyester

  6. Vectran Lite

    High tenacity polyester/Vectran® blend covered with abrasion resistant polyester jacket

    Vectran Lite
  7. Titan Yacht Braid

    UHMwPE/Polyester braid with a tight construction

    Titan Yacht Braid
  8. Technora Lite

    High tenacity polyester/Technora® blend covered with abrasion resistant polyester jacket

    Technora Lite
  9. Spun Polyester Sheet Line

    High tenacity double braid polyester rope with an easy-to-handle spun polyester sheath

    Spun Polyester Sheet Line
  10. Shock Cord

    High stretch elastomer covered with a polyester braid

    Shock Cord
  11. Anchor Braid

    100% 8 plait high tenacity polyester

    Anchor Braid
  12. Polyester Braid

    Round or flat constructions

    Polyester Braid
  13. Polylock

    8-plait high tenacity polyester double braid

  14. Marstrand Yacht Braid

    Multifilament polypropylene single braid

    Marstrand Yacht Braid
  15. Multifilament Polypropylene Braid

    Round or flat constructions

  16. Superlock

    Super 12 covered with high tenacity polyester

  17. Dock Line

    Nylon/polyester double braid for mooring applications

    Dock Line
  18. Super-12 Soft Shackle

    Super-12® soft shackle with an ultra-high strength-to-weight ratio

    Super-12 Soft Shackle

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